Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just to Clarify....

1. The Boss's Wife some how has blocked me from adding pix and Backgrounds for my IM at my other address. How, I am not sure. I am not a rocket sciencist. And I so wish I could figure it out......but this way I have a new ID and now I blog. A whole new way of being non-productive!! Damn the WoMan!!
Long live the VelvetTush!!
2. I did indeed get a cramp in my foot in the middle of the fun and games.
And yes, Roy did indeed continue.
NORMALLY he is a "Lady's first sort of guy" but I guess he thought I was joking!!!!
I like most folks, tried like hell to get it out without disrupting the flow, but OMG it hurt! I finally had to tell him to stop. And I was laughing.......Which broke his concentration and "Elvis" decided to leave the building! All he had to do was let me up and work it out and we can get right back to business but NOOOOOO!!

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