Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Basis of A Good Marriage??

There is a line in the Wedding Date, Dermot Mulroney says to Debra Messing, "I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else."
I looked at Roy,"That is the basis for our entire marriage!"
He agreed.
Case and point #1:
That cramping incident came up again and he, Jerk, thought I was enjoying myself!
He has a hard time discerning the different between the oooo's and AAAAHHHH's of pleasure to the owwwww's and AAARRRUUHHH's of pain.
Is it so hard to discern the difference between Oh Baby and Hey, I need up!?
After having a nice dinner at the Outback, I am quite warm. He chalks it up to me having a hotflash. Jerk!
"I am not having a hot flash, just turn on the friggin' A/C!!"
"Oh no that is bad for the truck, I shouldn't turn on the A/C at 80 mph."
What?? Like going 80 is good for it!
"It is best to have turned it on at the light and give the truck time to adapt." And he rolled down the window.
What??? Adapt???
We are not trying to release it into the wild. I just wanted some cool air!!
Has anyone seen that ad for that stupid device that cleans spots on the carpet? Now why is this device any better than good old elbow grease and some soap and water???
Roy says, "That woman isn't bitching at her husband."
Where did that come from???
I am on the couch, watching TV, minding my own business.
"That man is hiding behind his newspaper and the kids are hiding behind the furniture and the dog is cowering! That woman has dropped an elbow on them a few times to garner that kind of respect!"
How about the ad where the wife is asking husband about all the really cool features that their new Dodge Ram has to offer but he won't use the directional thingy??
Roy says, "She ain't bitching at him either."
It came on right after the other ad.
"She is letting him wander around in the desert so when she kills him, she can easy dispose of his stupid ass!"
I'll betcha, he didn't turn on the A/C!!!
For whatever reason, we were watchin' the Country Music Network........that movie with George Strait, Pure Country. Neither of us could think of any songs he sang. I am not a country fan, but Roy is. And then it came to me.
"He sings the Fireman song."
"No way!"
"Do you want to put money on it?"
"No. But he didn't sing that song. It just doesn't sound like something he would sing."
Now I ask you, if he doesn't like to argue with me then why do it. We all know George Strait sings the Fireman song. But Roy Hightower wants to bicker with me.
And all this has been in the last 3 days.
There is a long list of incidents of proof that all we do is bicker, debate, and out and out fight about everything under the sun............and have really great make up sex!!

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