Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Weekend Review....

As I sit here thinking about the weekend, only two or three things come to mind worth blogging about.
1. We went to a concert.....Don Williams. He is NOWHERE close to Nickelback but Roy likes him. It is the Farewell Tour for Don Williams. So I guess you just have to go or wait until he has a theater at Branson like most of the oldies.
When I told my friends we were going, I joked about getting Mr Williams to sign my boob.
Once at a Rally, a motorcycle builder that had been on the Discovery Channel was there and he was signing this young lady's boob. I mulled that over and thought better of it as this was in our hometown, some one might see me that actually knows me.......I was told by My Very Best Friend to keep my boobs to myself.
Rat Spit!!
I offered my seat to Don Williams to The Very Best Navy Pilot. He declined but wanted me to send him to Nickleback with my daughter!! Yeah Right!!!
Now here is where all that information comes into play.
When I selected my the seats I was shown the seating pattern UPSIDE DOWN........Meaning, we were a lot further back from the stage that I thought we would be. I could not see Mr Williams at all I'm so freakin' short!!
And it was Roy's deal so I didn't bother to trade seats.
And he would not have put up with the Drunk Lady as well as I did!!!!
She smelled like a mix of Jovan Musk for Women lite....YES! That's it!! What a combo!!
And Yes, I had intimate relations at the concert!!
Ms Drunk Lady and me!!
I had a lap dance and I got a huge boob in stuck in my chest every time she turned around to talk the people behind us. She would leap up and yell, "WE LOVE YOU DON!" just about every song. Her husband had bugged out mid concert becuz he was so embarrassed. I told her not to worry about it and have fun!!
So when Don Williams starts to sing Tulsa Time of course all the Okies go nuts........Both of Roy's and the Drunk Lady.... are on their feet and singing along.
And somewhere along in the chorus, MS Drunk Lady says, "WE should run up there and show them our titties!" I could not help but laugh. I was told to keep mine to myself.
Then she says, "Baby, what color are your eyes?" That was all Roy could take.
Just as soon as he could get us different seats we moved.........Hey, I was having fun with the Drunk Lady!!!
And she teaches our children in a local public school....isn't that cool!!
Oh, Mr Navy Pilot you should have taken my seat!!!

2. Moes Burritoes....I took my daughter to eat there when we went shopping. We both orded "Homewreckers"!! That was the biggest burrito I have ever had!!!
I burned her a Nicklback CD and stuck the money for the concert tickets inside.............she was shocked!! "you and me??"
I wish, but "No, you and Jimbo." She was sooo much more happier for some reason!!!
Brat Kid!!
Then she says, "Mom, Nine Inch Nails is coming."
That's pushing it!!! I don't know 9inch nails from Smashing Pumpkins or Korn. The only 9inch nails song I know is the version Johnny Cash good!
I hope she has fun.
So I guess there was only two......Have a great day everyone!!

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