Monday, February 13, 2006

Pearls From Roy....

NO, I didn't get pearls. I received AIR and Dandelions for Valentines day!!
Roy took my car down and put air in the tires very early in the am. And I had a bouquet of dandelions waiting for me when I got sweet!! He and Trixie picked them. At least they are real!!
Last year, I received roses and a K&N air filter for the car. I felt guilty about the roses until I saw the receipt for the filter.
One year, I received Flowmaster exhaust pipes for Valentines Day.....well, the car did.
I have to wonder about where his heart truly lies.
He told this little tale to me.
I am not sure.
But here it is anyway..........
I pulled in the C-Store one morning where he and his crew was getting fuel for the day. Roy was in the back of the truck and didn't see me pull in but the Young and Thins did. I smiled, winked, and got my newspaper. As I backed out, I waved to Roy and went off to work. The Young and Thins asked him later, "Is That your wife?"
Roy puffed up like a peacock and stated, "That's my car!"
I felt my pedestal shake a bit but I am fine.

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