Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Day Off With Roy....

So yesterday was my day off.....WOO HOO!!! I normally loll about and do JackShit........lots of JackShit.
But Roy had a dental appointment and I had a facial scheduled so we spent the day together. NOT WOOHOO!
He just messes with my inner Chi.......right off the bat he is ragging on me. We are not 2 miles from the house and he gets all pissy. I can't even remember what it was about but I put a stop to it......."Are you going to be an Ass all day or just act like one now, cuz Dude, It will not go well if you are."
"I am done." Point made.
After the dental, we are riding in silence and he says, "That woman was rubbing her boobs on me."
I mulled that over for about 2 seconds......."What is the difference in that and a nekked stripper rubbing her boobs on your old bald head?"
" Well, you don't expect it at the dental office?" Point made.
I went to my facial and if you have never had one.......DO IT!!! So very much worth it.
After it was done I called Roy to come and pick me answer.
I left a message but I know better......he is such a technophobe that he would never hear it. But I heard him pull up.......
And for his version:
He is walking out of the door at Walmart when the alarm goes off. He didn't buy anything so he didn't stop for the strip search by the Walmart Police but the alarm kept going off......when he gets out to the pick up, MY cell phone is vibrating!! He looks at it but has no clue as to what to he just drives to the salon to pick me up for me to fix it. And he tells me of this tale of the alarm and Walmart.........Ya Boob!!
It was the cell phone ringing!!!!!
We went to the casino to pass the time away before going to get our passports. I sat down at a penny machine.....I am a real big spender. I walked away with $70!! Roy walked out with $105. He plays on the $1 machines.........I just can not do that. If I lose that kind of moneyI just can't bear it....that is a facial or a great pair of shoes.
So we are standing at the post office to get our passports. We are planning an Alaskan Cruise in August that ends in Canada so I thought it best just to get passports and be done with it. I have everything needed to get them.
And the lady asked to see Roy's Social Security card...........Oooooh if looks could kill!! I'd be dead!
I told him that NOWHERE on any document I read does it state that you have to have your SSCard!!
And the lady said that it was just something she did...........I got that LOOK for nothing!!!!
I sooooooo look forward to having my day off to spend BY MYSELF.......there is nothing wrong with lolling about and doing JACKSHIT!!!

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