Monday, January 16, 2006

Great Songs...2

On the way to work this am, a really great song from the past came on, Like a Rock by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.
That always makes me think of Roy.
He is older than me and I see a lot of his qualities in that song... Makes me tear up almost every time.
It also makes me think of my dad. He loved Bob Seger!!
He loved CCR, the Beach Boys and Shawn Cassidy. We gave him lots of static over Shawn Cassidy!
A doo ron ron a doo ron ron......But hearin' him sing along to the songs he loved is a fond memory.
He died when I was 17.

Think about it.
What songs take you back to place or certain person?
Dust in the Wind by Kansas... 7th Grade dances and that one boy we all had a crush on... he loved that song. I can't hear that song without thinkin' about him.
He grew up to be a stripper. I wonder if he still does that now that we are edgin' over the 40 mark.

Slow Ride by Foghat... I was 13 when I told my father that I loved that song!!
You should have seen the horrified look on his face.
Hey, it has a good beat and you can dance to it.
I was 13, how did I know what it really meant.

Hot Blooded by Foreigner... Freshman year of high school.
And that was when I found out what Slow Ride was all about!
I date a druggie-thug and Hot Blooded just fit!
He was wild! He had a lot of different cars because of his reckless behavior. When Roy and I go to a car show, he spys a 69 Skylark that jogs his memory and I listen intently. Then I say, "Oh, I had sex in a car just like that one."
He rolls his eyes and we move along.
As this conversation continues over and over, He says, "Is there any car in this row that you haven't had sex in?"
I slowly look over each one and either shake my head yes or no depending on what is parked where.
He rolls his eyes and we move along.

Joy to the World, Three Dog Night... 1972ish.
Roy was in Vietnam and I was on a big yellow school bus headed to first grade.

I like a lot of different types of music. But Rock and Roll is tops!!
I am a metal head!
I had my kids convinced that I would vomit if I ever heard a country tune.

Fat Bottom Girls by Queen... That's just me.
Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round!!

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