Monday, January 23, 2006

Professional Football??

Where do I begin??
First, let me say that it is not my intent to piss off people that love any mentioned teams.......I am blowing off steam!!
For the last month or so all I have heard is, "I haven't watched any football and the season is almost over!" I, of course, got the blame becuz I see fit to have something planned.
Okay, I admit it. I would stay home on Saturdays and watch college games and make him go shopping on Sundays. But I have not been shopping on Sundays since the first of December. OU's last game was the 22nd of November.
So I guess it is true....Okay, I am a big girl.
I admit it.
Roy is right.
Now we can move on.............
I prefer college football to professional. The atmosphere is so much different. There are bands and fight songs and cheerleaders and they make it look like they play for school. Where as pros may play for one team , one year and a different one the next.
No loyalty! It is all about the money!!
And I, honestly, I think it is just like Pro Wrasslin'! The NFL is more slick about it and they go to great lengths to make it look good. Not every one is in on it. I think the NFL is also in with the Satellite companies so everybody who wants to watch football will now have to have a satellite dish and pay for what once was free!!
Think about it!
When ever the fans dwindles, the "owner" thinks about moving the team......and poof....the city leaders are asking for more money from the taxpayers to keep the team there. Or if they need a new stadium......they threaten to move the team and what always happens?? The city rallies it citizens to "save our team". And this always seems to coincide with a trip to the Super Bowl.
Case in point....John Elway and the Broncos.....They go to the Super Bowl and Denver gets a new Mile High Stadium!
The Pats "Owner" threatened to move the team......What happened?? They stayed in Foxboro and had several trips to the SuperBowl and what the most patriot team in the league....but the New England Patriots!! It says it in their name...geez!!
Who won the Super Bowl after 911??
Was that the year that the Raiders had a bad call that went in favor of the Pats??
I don't feel that all the players are in on it...........The Referees most defiantly are, all those bad calls.
Come on!!
How long must a player hold the ball and how many feet must he travel for it to be considered a catch?? The Zebras have taken all the fun out of it.
Remember way back there when Lynn Swann would make one handed catches and those diving catches by Stallworth??? Would they considered catches now?? Drives me nuts!!!
Some of the players are in on it.....Why is it that Peyton Manning can lead his team all season long undefeated and screw the pooch so badly in the play-offs??
Tony Dungy had put together a great team in Tampa, never to make it to the Show but Al Davis pisses off Jon Gruden and he takes over the Buccaneers........They go to the Super Bowl and Who do they play??
His old team, The Raiders and Al Davis!!! And beats them soundly!!
Gruden was classy enough to give credit to Dungy for putting the team to together that got him a Super Bowl ring.
Now Dungy must have pissed off the NFL Gods becuz he has put together a damn fine team in the Colts but once again, no Super Bowl!
I could go on all day.....They move the Rams to St Louis and the Cards to Arizona, the Oilers to Tennessee and create a new team in Houston?? What is up with that if it is not a big farce??
PreGames shows, Post game shows and the game commentators.......let's not open that can of worms.
Say it ain't so, Joe, tell me it ain't so..............Professional football is not fake!!

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